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Setting in Bit assist, are a set of Business Hours, Page Filters, Trigger Widget, Call To Action, and Widget Behavior that are executed when certain specified conditions are met.

Business Hours

👉 You can organize it with your office time by enabling this option. You have to upgrade to pro to us the feature.

Page Filters

👉 You can show and hide the chat widget on a few specific pages of your site With this option. You have to use the pro version to use this feature

Trigger Widget

👉 Decide when the widget will appear for the first time. You can show it after a few seconds or on page scroll.

Call To Action

👉 The message displayed above the chat widget is the perfect way to grab the visitor's attention. And also you add delayed time for this.

Widget Behavior

👉 You can show configured channels to visitors when they visit the site, or visitors can click the chat widget to open it.