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Setup FAQ as Channel

FAQs are used to answer common questions people have about a product or service. You can easily do that with Bit Assist.

Setup a Channel

  1. First, create a widget, then edit the widget

  2. Click on add channel to add the support assistant of your choice.

  3. Search & Select FAQ from the channels popup

  4. Channel Title: Set the proper Channel Title. Default it's taken, Custom Form. This Title is descriptive text for visitors.

  5. Custom image: You can use a custom image or gif in the button, which will make the button attractive

  6. Add FAQ: Here you can set the FAQ title nd here description. You can customize the text in bold and italics and include links in the text in the FAQ description.

  7. Form Theme Color: You can change the form theme color of your preference.

  8. Form Text Color: You can change the form test color of your preference.

  9. Hide after office hours: You can organize your office time by enabling the Hide after office hours option that you have already configured from settings.

  10. Channel show on: You can now afford to hide or show channels on mobile and desktops as of your choice with this feature.

  11. Save: Now save the channel by clicking the Save button. Then you will see a successful channel-created message.

  12. Search: The visitor can search faq easily if you have a lot of faqs.