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External Publish

This feature available in the pro version


You can configure the Bit Assist widget on multiple websites with a Bit Assist dashboard or WordPress. For example, you can use the Bit Assist widget on another domain or subdomain.
In addition, you can use your device on other sites without using the Bit Assist plugin. Also, you can use the Bit Assist widget outside of WordPress. like. another wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly, zoho sites, And Others.

Set up external Publish

➦ Follow the below steps

  1. First, create a widget; in the row of your created widget, you will see 'Use widget in' option. Select the external site there.

  2. Edit the widget and go to the external publish tab

  3. Copy the link of the domain where you want to use this widget. Paste in the add domain field, then click the right button

  4. Copy the script and Paste it just above the <body /> tag on your website.

  5. Done. Now your Bit Assist widget live on another website.


The external publishing feature of Bit Assist is currently not supported on Google Sites.



Another wordpress site (subdomain or another domain)

Zoho sites